GCON focus on the following 5 key points:

1.Checking materials upon arrival
Ensuring maximum quality control of raw pharmaceutical materials is one of the most basic tenets of product manufacturer.It’s crucial to ensure raw materials(wood,metal,hardware,etc) and components are checked before production so that the risk of non-compliance with product specification is reduced from the beginning of the process onward.

2.Monitoring the production process
The next process workers leader has supervisory authority of last process  when they are doing the handover,reject unqualified semi-products but sign  and accept qualified product.Every workers would be encouraged to be a  part-time QC.

3.All QC/QA personnel are trained well for monitoring materials,
in-process production,and final products.They spot check in different process,reviewing the product design and assembly finished products to make sure accuracy, fixing any issues immediately if any issue happens.

4.Before skilled team of the containers loaders finish the loading,
QC team would do the final random inspection.Sampling inspection is 
carried out in 5% proportion for each order to clear every details,like hardware complete,labels correct,no damage when package.

5.Ensuring structural safety through load tests, impact tests,arm and leg strength tests,drop tests and other relevant stability and usage tests.Constant review catches problems early,solves them more efficiently,and saves you money and time.Strict quality control procedures are also less likely to place your customers at risk because of poorly made or damaged products.



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