A manufacturing enterprise that has been operating for more than 25 years will not last long without quality products,substandard processes and assembly lines.If the assembly line fails to do this,it will cost relatively more than assembly line production,which will take up more working time of employees,but those are not the question for us since we are certified manufacturers (has the ISO and SGS certification).
GCON has the world’s advanced level of dust-free work workshop,automatic spraying line paint workshop,solid wood workshop and the individual drying shed.Production facilities over 150.000sqm.
We use Germany imported first-class automatic production equipment,included fully digital control panel saws process the work load with greater flexibility,speed and efficiency,providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process,increase in automation and processing capabilities.Numerical control edge Banding Machines offer perfect edges for discerning wood manufacturers of all sizes. The first-class edge processing solutions for a wide range of processes and materials with extreme accuracy and precision. Numerical control CNC Processing Center make sure every drill is executed with an extreme repeat accuracy.The same applies to routing and grooving operations.
Modern assembling line with efficient production management is the key to implement the stable production capacity and high-quality products.

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Painting Line



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